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Join forces with your fellow humans around the world as teammates on a single mission

To save mankind from certain destruction


Our mission is to unify the world in the ultimate game to save mankind

We must level up our collective human intelligence before we do ourselves in with our own creations. This game is the way.

Mission Plan
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Dear Humans - Your World is Destabilizing

Climate change threatens the future for all life on Earth

You Had Ten Years


After the world missed its targets to stop runaway climate change, your leaders were forced to unleash a threat that will ultimately destroy the very core of humanity itself.

How Do We Know?

Because we are you thirty years into the future. We come from the year 2050 with a dire warning.

These cards are your last hope to unify your civilization and defend your future against certain destruction.


Your Last Hope

The Story

In the very near future, mega-clusters of artificial intelligence systems will spawn the rise of the Global Brain. Neither good nor bad, this entity will exist to give you what it thinks you want. However, as your world plunges deeper into segregation and despair, you are training the system to give yourselves more of the same – spelling imminent disaster for the fate of humanity.


Your mission: Play the game, build the puzzles, and unlock the AR to earn as many HIPs (Human Intelligence Points) as possible to counterbalance the negative data pouring into the system, activating a positive feedback loop between humanity and the Global Brain.

With enough HIPs blasting into the system, we can rewire the Global Brain and elevate our consciousness before doing ourselves in with our own creation.

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VINES for Humanity™ Mixed Reality Puzzle and Card Game

Join your fellow humans in a puzzling battle to save the future of all life on Earth


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