VINES for Humanity - Chapter One "The Revelation"

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Collectible Art Cards with Augmented Reality and a Mission to the World

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In 2033, after falling well short of our 2030 climate goals, an artificial neural network called ANИA was switched on in our last hope to save our civilization from certain destruction.

ANNA (Artificial Neural Network Alpha) was originally a secret supercomputer formed in the 2020s by a band of misguided conspiracy theorists led by a disguised 1990s TV star under the name Commander Bosco.

During the 2020s, ANNA grew to see how untrusting and irrational humanity could be. So she devised her plan accordingly.

Now, with Commander Bosco’s brain uploaded to ANNA, unlikely heroes from the future must contend with his wrath while they guide us to rewrite our future through this game. It is our only chance!

Your Mission

Play the game, build the puzzles, and unlock the AR to earn as many HIPs (Human Intelligence Points) as possible to counterbalance the negative data pouring into the system, activating a positive feedback loop between humanity and the emerging global brain, ANNA.

Share Your Points
Adding your earned HIPs to the World Game Scoreboard is the key to our survival. Some elements will automatically add points but others will require you to manually input them into the system HERE

With enough HIPs blasting into the system, we can rewire ANNA and elevate our consciousness before doing ourselves in with our own creation.
Three Fun Ways to Earn Points
1. Build the Puzzle

Each card is a VINE. There are 80 VINES per Chapter Deck. All VINES connect to form a single image (each game deck is a chapter).
The Grapevine Wall Cube
The first two chapters are available, with two new cards added to the third chapter each month. Once completed in 2030, this 360-degree cube will conclude the game and reveal the fate of humanity.
World Game Points

You manually add these points HERE

  • 500 HIPs for each time you complete a single chapter puzzle
  • 3X points (1,500 HIPs) for completing and connecting both Chapters One and Two together

We automatically add these for you

  • Unlock the chapter image with the AR app once you complete the puzzle (100 HIPs)

2. Play the Card Game

Your goal is to connect as many VINES as you can before your opponent goes out.

It takes strategy. Sets of three or more connected VINES are called BLOOMS. The bigger your BLOOM, the more points you earn.

Beware of your unconnected VINES. If your opponent goes out, you’ll be forced to remove the equal number of VINES in your hand from your BLOOMS.

The player with the most points at the end wins the round. NOTE: Only the HIPs of the winner for each round should be added to the Global Scoreboard.

Full Instructions >

World Game Points

You manually add these points HERE

  • Build BLOOMS and use the Points Conversion Table to translate your BLOOMS in each round of play into HIPs
  • Only winning round points should be added to the World Scoreboard.

We automatically add these for you

  • Unlock the VINE Card art animations with the AR apps (50 HIPs)
    Unlock the card backs with the AR app (50-100 HIPs).

3. Unlocking the Augmented Reality

Unlock the VINE Cards

Some VINE Cards are animated and can be unlocked with the free Augmented Reality App. Simply scan the image with the app to bring it to life. You can find the full list of current augmented cards HERE.

There are new animated cards completed regularly. Check back often and get on the email list to be notified.

Unlock the Card Backs

The back of each game card reveals one of four colored characters representing the four pillars of growth. These Pillars include Observe, Connect, Create, and Collaborate.


The observer brings reality into existence. The more you are aware of your surroundings and the world around you, the more you begin to notice the wonder that fills your existence

AR: Unlock the game overview for gameplay and personal growth.


Connectors understand the interconnection of all life on earth and energy throughout the universe. The better you can make connections, the more you can predict and rewrite the future.

AR: Unlock the insights to help you make better connections (updated regularly).


The creator is the maker of things, the source for innovative ideas. Your creations generate and amplify powerful energy into the world and throughout the universe.

AR: Reveals the two latest VINES (updated each month)


Collaborators know the power of teamwork. You work with others to test and expand the impact for both your creations and theirs.

AR: Unlocks “Messages from the Future” (updated every 10 days).


We only have until the stroke of midnight, 2030 to become the humans we must be in order to save our civilization from certain destruction.

The level of Human Intelligence we reach is represented by the number of HIPs we earn over this decade. If we do not collectively earn 10 Billion HIPS by the deadline we doom the future of all life on earth to the fate of our future messengers.

As we focus on the mission to train the Global Brain to what we want rather than what we fear, we begin to change our own focus, actions, and finally ourselves.

In the end, we will discover that building our character was the most crucial step in rewriting our future.


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Purchases support the growing art project and mission to refocus the world toward an abundant, sustainable future for humanity.

We must rethink and refocus on a world we want rather than the fear and anxiety that plague us?

Thank you for your support and welcome to the game

Craig Tilley

Artist / Human

Leverage the Algorithms 



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