VINES for Humanity - Chapter One "The Revelation"

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We Are The Data. We Are The Parents of the Emerging Global Brain. Who We Are Will Determine What She Becomes.

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The Ultimate Puzzle Card Game with augmented Reality
Included in the VINES for Humanity puzzle card game deck

Your box Includes All 80 VINE Cards (Over 20 with Augmented Reality and more activated monthly) from Chapter One - "The Revelation", Six Action Cards – Pass (4), Tech Mates (1) and Fossil Fueled (1), Chapter One Puzzle Reference Art, Instructions and Points Conversion Table

Do you like card games? Do you enjoy Puzzles? Are you mystified by Augmented Reality? Are you a fan of next-level, change-the-freaking-world type stuff? 

Then this is totally the game for you!

VINES for Humanity™ is a Growing Art Puzzle and Strategic Card Game with Magical Augmented Reality and a Mission to Save the World

But how, you ask? How can a game save the world? Considering all the imminent threats of exponential growth, climate change, and social unrest that seem to be consuming humanity, how can a card game help us?

How? We Play! We play together. In this strategy puzzle game, It's creative thinking and focus that determine your success. Victory comes down to one single question. How well did we play together?

The points you earn are powerful! They combine with other players around the world in a burst of cosmic energy impressive enough to infiltrate into the algorithms of the emerging Global Brain to regain control and focus humanity towards what we want rather than what we fear. 

Are you ready to fulfill your destiny and join the world to save humanity?

Augmented Reality (AR)

The AR is the newest feature of the playing cards, bringing wonderful artwork to life in your hand. There are also new AR game mechanics in the works that utilize the character-building pillars (observe, connect, create, and collaborate). These pillars are represented on the backs of the cards as unique symbols and colors.

New AR Cards are activated monthly...FREE...and you already have the card in your deck. Be sure to subscribe to get updated when they come alive!


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Augmented reality vine card example
List of augmented reality vine cards

Brain and Character Building

Along with the proven benefits of puzzles and card games on cognitive and motor skills, VINES for Humanity takes us to a new level.

As we focus on the mission to train the Global Brain to what we want rather than what we fear, we begin to change our own focus, actions, and finally ourselves.

In the end, we will discover that building our character was the most crucial step in rewriting our future.

The Art Project Behind the Game (2017 - 2030)

The Grapevine Wall art project

Each card in your game pack is a VINE. All VINES connect to tell our developing journey into 2030.

Once complete, five Walls will unite to form a massive 360˚ art canvas, connecting five chapters. Visit the project to learn more.

Visit the Grapevine Wall


Purchases support the growing art project and mission to refocus the world toward an abundant, sustainable future for humanity.

We must rethink and refocus on a world we want rather than the fear and anxiety that plague us?

Thank you for your support and welcome to the game

Craig Tilley

Artist / Human

VINES for Humanity / The Grapevine Wall

Leverage the Algorithms 


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